Informed Consent

I confirm the information provided is correct and that I consent to the test analysis. I fully understand the implications of the test and have had an opportunity to ask any questions in this regard. I confirm that my pathology results and accounts from Next Pathology may be sent to my nominated e-mail address, to my medical aid administrators and to the referring doctor.

I acknowledge that by submitting my claim to my medical scheme for reimbursement, my medical scheme will become aware of my test result. I undertake to pay any outstanding monies not covered by the medical aid. I acknowledge that the test being performed is for a notifiable disease and that the result may be forwarded to a hospital facility and / or infection control body and/ or state and national authority that is not my primary doctor as may be required by national guidelines or laws. I hereby consent to Next Pathology using my data in an anonymized and de-identified form for analysis and/or research purposes.

I understand that Next Pathology takes the privacy of my personal information very seriously and has implemented reasonable security measures to guard against the unauthorised disclosure of my personal information in line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Next Pathology will use my personal information only in relation to providing healthcare.

We will collate the information shared with us to provide you with services which we feel may be relevant to you personally and may also use this information to inform you about any changes to the services we offer from any of the companies forming part of the Next Biosciences group of companies.

By sharing your information with us, you consent to our use of your information as above.

I accept that the maximum amount of any and all liability which Next Pathology may incur in terms of testing, or in any respect of any and all actions or omissions of Next Pathology under any and all circumstances shall be the total amount paid by the Client to Next Pathology for the test conducted.